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Organization Savvy Self-Assessment

About The Book

Two of the world's most successful corporate leadership consultants now reveal their proven system for using the power of "high-integrity" politics to achieve career success, maximize team impact, and protect your company's reputation and bottom line.

Each day in business, a corporate version of "survival of the fittest" is played out. Power plays, turf battles, deception, and sabotage block individuals' career progress and threaten companies' resources and results. After reading this book, you will never have to say, "I didn't see it coming."

In Survival of the Savvy, Rick Brandon and Marty Seldman provide ethical but street-smart strategies for navigating corporate politics to gain "impact with integrity." Organizational Savvy is a mission-critical competency for leaders at every level.

The right balance of company politics is a vital component of corporate culture and image. This timely and timeless book provides cutting-edge strategies and skills. As a steward for your company's welfare, you can enhance organizational outcomes while increasing your individual success.

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Organizational Savvy Self-Assessment

Do you possess the skills for ethically navigating organizational politics?

  Gauge your performance in high-integrity organizational politics.
  Rate yourself on 65 items across 13 Skill Sets.
  Get a personalized Scoring Profile of your savvy skill sets.
  Review the robust, 18-page Interpretation Guide.
  Tap into 65 concrete actions needed for organizational impact with integrity.
  Learn practical tips for increasing your organizational savvy.

You cannot afford to ignore this groundbreaking tool for leadership development, career management, and team effectiveness.

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